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What is Penetration Testing?

Pentest allows to check if your company is protected against malicious hackers.

We simulate real attacks and find vulnerabilities in your website, corporate infrastructure, source code, mobile app or any other computer system.

We give you detailed recommendations and actionable advice, help you to fix all the vulnerabilities and provide support for your information security process.

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Our Services

Web Pentest

We provide web application penetration testing services which are useful to find vulnerabilities and to protect a website from hacking. We give detailed recommendations how to fix the bugs and recheck them afterwards. During testing, we follow our own advanced methodology, including all checks from the OWASP Testing Guide.

External Network Pentest

External pentest of the production infrastructure, mail and web servers, VPN gateways, remote desktops, and edge devices is needed to check if the company is protected against internet threats and external malicious actors.

Internal Network Pentest

Internal pentest of the corporate office network, Active Directory or DMZ segment helps to assess the security of infrastructure in case if a malicious actors perpetrates the external network perimeter. We also conduct such penetration tests as a part of PCI DSS certification process.

Red Teaming

Red Team exercises not only help to check the security of individual network components but also test the incident response processes, security monitoring systems, security awareness level of the employees during the multi-layered complex cyber attacks.

Security Audit

We'll conduct an architecture security audit and penetration test of any system, including IoT devices, software source code, compiled binary software, Wi-Fi networks, Android and iOS mobile applications, etc.

Consulting and Outsourcing

In order to continuously increase the level of infrastructure security, we recommend to subscribe for regular penetration tests, application vulnerability scans, network perimeter monitoring, regression tests, and consulting.

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We are researchers and world hacking champions

Our client portfolio includes companies from more than 10 countries and industries ranging from gamedev to banking!

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